Monday, September 22, 2008

My Summer Love

Yes, I know.
You caught me staring.
But, I can’t help it.
Deep like my passion
I am searching your face
because the way you looked
at me last night, your eyes
whispered, “I love you.”

And under quiet winds,
you held me close,
burying your face in my hair
(peach-azalea scented shampoo,
your favorite)
gently kissing my neck.

And when you’re not around
I walk around in your t-shirt
smothered in your scent
closing my eyes,
wrapping my arms
around my body,
envisioning your touch.

This summer is so different
from last: colorful, intriguing,
hot and humid, lovely.
It’s like the sun is smiling
the love has healed the crying
it’s my summer love…

Featured in Acts of Faith anthology, published by Wright Jusino Publishing, 2008.