Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moving Day

A white room with no pictures
yes, this is rare
an infrequent routine I begrudgingly welcome.

Tripping, but not falling, completely
to pick up so-called “durable and quality leather”
penny loafers with polyurethane soles
So, how did Sparky chew a hole through the heel?
False advertising at its best.

And look at the ceiling:
cob webs attached themselves to all four corners of the room
like cotton affixed to adhesive,
dust bunnies scattered across the floor, poorly camouflaged.

My perfectly-manicured hands,
armed with a dust mop and Lysol disinfecting spray
(dreaded days of aggravating my allergies are soon nonexistent!),
my mission: eliminate and destroy
all that is filthy and damaging…
memories included.