Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Everything was once bright,
but now it’s just so dark.
I can’t walk the streets
without scarecrows
zombies, witches, and
goblins running amuck.
They’re self-delusional
if they think they’re scaring
anyone, let alone me.
Scary or pathetic,
there’s something remotely
alluring about costumes, disguises,
and quite frankly…pretending to be
something, or someone else.
The nice girl, with nude lips
and matching fingernail polish
tamed hair, below-the-knee skirts
with flats
transforms into “Oh La Lola,”
and walks the streets
with her beau camouflaged as her bouncer
flashing her cherry lips, apple-red nail polish,
unruly, wild curls that scream: eccentric
thigh-length skirt complete with
vintage stilettos with heels
reminiscent to vampire steaks.
Not at all superficial, but
short-lived empowerment disguised as
as celebratory scare tactics:
“Trick or treat” and “Happy Halloween.”