Monday, May 25, 2009

Panoramic View

My lifeless body slouches
on the permanently dented couch
eyes fixed on the glassless windows
360 degree panoramic view
savoring the images
trapped beneath gravity
and sonic pollution
nestled atop cascading optical illusions
vision focused, crisp with clarity
a little girl spins around
all the while tugging
at her pink ruffled dress
stopping abruptly
dizzily collapsing
she begins to cry
a young boy pitches
to his father, maybe his uncle
hits the ball out of the park…home run
excitement met with admiration
a wino clutches his crinkled brown paper bag
sips and staggers…full of umami, concentrated
just what he needs
two twenty-something year-olds
swap saliva under a tree, fingers entwined
one hand under her shirt
the other in her back pocket
young love, all the makings of young lust
blue night emerges, involuntary intermittence
part two continues at daybreak.