Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Poetic Emergence

When I was a child,
my mother equipped me
with a pen and paper
and instructed me to wrap my arms
around the rhythmic compressed language
freeing my mind and creating a memoir
of my journey to maturity.

From pubescence to womanhood
I soaked up the story prose
of spirit and feeling and I meditated.
Through this progression,
my mind has ripened, my lexis has richened, and
the words continue to travel through me
like the blood that flows through my veins.

Colorful prolific phrases,
words as concrete images,
painting pictures and decorating the pages,
inciting visual orgasms, propagating artistry,
breeding inner beauty, and
satisfying my thirst for an abundant life
filled with ingenuity, void of lackluster and mediocrity.

Walk with me
and witness my elevation…my catharsis,
as I continue to procreate life
through metaphors, allegories…literary illustration.
Interpret my self-expression,
sustain my connectedness to others,
embrace my sanguinity…
as I emphatically give birth to individuality and creativity.

Behold: my poetry.